December 13, 2004

Holiday Catblogging (Kind of)

I'd planned on writing a great post about how I spent a good part of my evening pissing somebody off, purposefully and with great effect, demonstrating what a complete bitch I can be when given a compelling reason and hopped up on cold medication.

But then I came home, took care of household chores in between bouts of sneezing and blowing my nose, and promptly fell asleep in front of the TV once the cold stuff wore off because there was no one else here to help keep me awake. Oh, and there was nothing good on TV. I hate it when that happens.

Now I'm struggling to finish this in between bouts of throat-clearing and blowing my nose, while waiting for the next dose of cold stuff to kick in. My life is one big ball of excitement when I'm not feeling well, ain't it?

But before I collapse back into a heap and escape to peaceful oblivion, here is a most clever combination of catblogging and holiday celebration: An online advent calendar featuring a black cat named Tate. Pick your language and, when it loads, click on any of the numbers up to the current date. Once the little picture has loaded, click on "Play" to see what Tate is up to that day. My favorite thus far is the 8th.

Have fun. I'm passing out now.