November 19, 2005

It's a housewarming for Finn! BYOC*

It took me a long time to find just the right cat tree to get for Finn -- I'm picky and it seemed that all of them were too short, too tall, too expensive, too chintzy, too ugly or just plain didn't have the features I wanted. Today I found the one that came closest to matching all my requirements. It's not perfect but he doesn't seem to mind. (All photos are courtesy of Ed.)

This is him checking out the new pad and gradually getting used to being up that high.

This is the look I typically get from him when he's tired of me taking his picture.

Here he's checking out things below and
strangely reminding me of Batkitty.

It's a loooong way down to the bottom from up there.

Hey, is that a mouse down there?

That Stefani chick ain't got nothing on Finn
when it comes to Luxurious.

What the hell are you doing down there?

He enjoyed exploring it so much that he didn't realize for a whole half hour that his dinner was out, which if you knew how ravenous and obsessive Finn is about his food you'd realize is quite extraordinary. It has been great for letting him get his ya-yas out and expending some of that excess kitty energy. Worth the money already!

*Bring your own catnip.