December 14, 2006

Step One*

Admitting you have a problem. Wait, no, wrong set of steps. (From a staircase that, fortunately, I've never needed to climb.)

We need to talk. Or, more precisely, I need to talk. No talky, no bloggy, right? I guess the last several months have left me a bit mute, so to speak, and it may take me some time to find my Internet voice again.

Lucky for you, it will take me less time to develop that once more than it will ever take for me to develop my singing voice. Lucky for me, there are maybe only five people still coming here and asking me when I'm going to blog again so it's a small stage upon which I may stumble.

I don't really intend to go into the whys and wherefores of what has been keeping me from posting. It would be boring and pointless, from my perspective, so let's let bygones be bywent and just move forward.

Having something to actually say or talk about would be a really great follow-up to that sentiment, I bet. But I've got nothing. Tonight was more an exercise in babysteps; getting back into the habit of actually sitting here more than once a month and letting my fingers wreak what havoc they may. Someone sent me an article last week that initially stirred those twinges of interest in once again putting words to post, so perhaps I'll run with that next time.

Hmm, I'm actually looking forward to tuning in for that. On to Step Two...

*With apologies to The Fray. It's one of April's favorite songs and since she took me along to Vegas and that jump-started the whole return to blogging thing, it seemed only fitting. I would have expressed this apology yesterday, when it might have made more sense, but I went off on a tangent and forgot. We hoes tend to do that sometimes.