February 12, 2008

Why myrrh on her?

I've enjoyed watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show the last two nights. I was excited tonight to see one of my favorite breeds, the Weimeraner, win its group and advance to the Best of Show competition, and sorry to see it lose to the Beagle. Don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike beagles. I'm just not as fond of them as many, many other breeds. Snoopy may be the most famous beagle, and I love him, but in my experience the actual dog has very little in common with that venerable icon.

I know that some people (brother-type people) didn't think watching a dog show was a worthwhile to spend an evening. But while I haven't owned a dog in a very long time, I enjoy watching all those beautifully groomed dogs each year. Dogs I don't have to walk, brush, wash, feed or pick up after!

You'll also have people who think these shows are an elitist bunch of crap that don't serve any purpose, blah blah blah. (If that's you, go away. I'm sure you can find a forum for your views, it's just not here.) But aside from the weird styles of grooming for certain dogs, it's all good. Woof, as they say.