June 24, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air

It was delightful to be part of Five Star Friday this past week and have so many new visitors stopping by! I hope to see some of you back again; I know I found a few new blogs to keep up with by visiting my fellow "stars." I want to thank the ever-charming Schmutzie for putting such a great idea together and coordinating it each week.

Since then, however, I've been coming up a little empty in the blogging tank. I bought a new camera late last week -- a digital SLR from Canon, the kind I've been wanting to get for ages and finally could -- so I've been spending time with that and playing with the pictures quite a bit.

It's been a while since I posted one of my Finn, actually, so here's one of the very first ones I took after I got it out of the box.

Of course, I'd like to say that the image is straight out of the camera, but I did do a tiny bit of work on it before posting. Not to Finn, he's a gorgeous boy no matter what. No, I did some touching up of the poor ottoman he's resting on. It has been unintentionally abused by cat claws and the marks show up horribly with a flash.

Adobe Photoshop Express is fantastic for this, even more so because it's free. It doesn't, by any means, do all that Photoshop can do, but it's a great tool for those of us just wanting to play around and do minor work. I highly recommend it -- you can do a lot more than you can with MS Office Picture Manager, which is what I've used in the past.