August 25, 2008

Dancing with Ennui

So the Olympics are over and hopefully we're all recovering from the resulting sleep deprivation. I was also hopeful that once the Closing Ceremony came to an end and the time I'd "given" myself to take a mini-break from posting was done, I'd have something worthwhile to say.

But I feel as if we've gone from one epic event, the XXIX Olympiad, to another, the Democratic Convention. This isn't going to keep us up nights (unless you're a Hilary delegate wresting with what to do), but if you're a Democrat, which I am, it's a fairly important time. Yet I so don't have a desire to talk much about that; I'm not into talking politics and either preaching to the choir or trying to change someone's mind.

For days, I've been casting about for something else to ponder here. I keep sending myself links to things or stories that I find during the day, but by the time I get home and look at them again, they don't seem terribly interesting. I guess I'm tired and nothing seems all that interesting.

The only thing that has grabbed my attention longer than five minutes is this:

Are you overcome with curiosity and an insatiable need to go out and buy one? Yeah, it looks to a degree like a chocolate representation of a human colon, but it's really a very clever piece of engineering. It's an "all edge" brownie pan. Yep, every piece is an edge for your dessert pleasure, 'cause no one wants the all-gooey, unbaked part in the middle that no one can get out in one piece, right? I was impressed because I do love a good brownie and immediately put it on my wish list on Amazon; that took up those five minutes very nicely.

But then I was right back where I started: Dancing with Ennui and trying to decide which of us is leading. The bitch of it is, I keep stepping on Ennui's toes, sort of purposely-by-accident, and it really doesn't seem to care all that much.