February 03, 2009

Grace in Small Things, 10/365-ish

1. Finding out that a friend has arrived home safe and sound after a very long trip.

2. A kitty paw curved over kitty eyes during a catnap.

3. The word "mellifluous." When it's said right, it's such a lovely sounding word.

4. Walking in the door just as your favorite new show starts.

5. A video that makes you laugh so hard, the specter of your crappy day instantly vanishes.

Yeah, it was a pretty crappy day and seeing that video (twice) really helped, but I have to admit that, as I was walking in from the car, I started thinking about getting this list together and I really felt the benefit of having a reason to think positively. Yes, I know it sounds corny, but it happened.

If I keep it up, I may find a reason to blog about something else other than these lists! For the time being, however, this is where it's at for me so I hope you are not minding the ride if you're not actually enjoying them.