February 09, 2009

Skating By

I have to admit, I've got nothing in the tank today. I'm not even able to dredge up five things for a GIST list. Nothing's wrong, nothing's bad, I just keep drawing a blank. And when I don't draw a blank, it just kind of peters off into babble.

So, in the tried and true tradition of fine blogging, when you've got nothing, post a picture! And when you've really got nothing, go with catblogging!!

Here's my beautiful Finn in what I call his "demi-loaf" position. I love it when cats sit with their paws folded under them like this and they look like a loaf of bread. When he isn't leaning over like that, it's perfect. He wasn't interested in humoring me by straightening up, so I got a demi-loaf.

I told you I have nothing.