March 31, 2004

A Chip off the Ol' Cookie

It's been a while since I found an online quiz I wanted to take. But mention the word "cookie" and immediately my thoughts jump to "chocolate." As longtime readers (okay, week-long readers) will recall, I adore chocolate in all its myriad forms. So when I saw a "What kind of cookie are you?" quiz, I was compelled to take it.

That was almost a month ago. I wanted to let some time pass and then take it again to see if I got the same results twice. There have been a few quizzes (which I didn't later blog about) that gave me different results when taking them on different days. Clearly, my mood affects my responses and my cookie-based psyche could be swayed by the vagaries and whims of my day. Knowing what kind of cookie I am is far too telling and important a matter to take so lightly.

So it is, with great pride and authority (not to mention a sudden craving), that I share with you this basic truth about myself: I am a Chocolate Chip cookie. I have decided not to divulge the details of what this means about my personality. Based on the sheer wonderfulness of Chocolate Chip cookies, I fear that it could unduly influence you in your approach to answering the questions. Since I got the same result twice, it's the only answer I've seen, so I have no idea what other cookie profiles there are that people might get. And while my Chip-tastic self knows that none of them can rival what is, essentially, cookie royalty, I would be interested in hearing what results the rest of you poor doughballs scrape up.