March 02, 2004


Big-time tendonitis problems with my typing hand going on right now resulting in lots o' pain. Surfing the Web to find links is all but impossible and typing with my left hand is very tedious. (Case in point, I started this at noon ;)

So, sad but true, OPO is going on a (hopefully) brief hiatus, far too soon for its short life! If you stop by again before I am back at it, please visit any of the Blogs I Like to the right for fresh perspective while I'm off babying my wrist. Making its debut on that list today is one of my daily must-reads, April's Addictions.

Because I finally caved in and subscribed to the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy when it came to Reality TV, I, too, am addicted to certain of those shows, and I always look foward to getting April's recaps and perspective on the shows we both follow. Please stop by and lend her your ears, your support and your comments!

While I have no idea how many of you actually frequent this blog (because I just haven't gotten around to adding the function that would tell me that), and I know that many of the people in my life seem to keep "forgetting" to check in, please know that I enjoy the heck out of writing it and every day I'm not here posting I wish I were. Now would be a good time to tell me what you like, what you'd like to see more of, or what I'm not covering that you would find of interest. Thanks for your support, silent and otherwise. :)