April 08, 2005

All it's really lacking is a metaphor

The thing uppermost on my mind tonight is sports.

The Masters
is going on, soggily, though I haven't been able to watch any of it yet, that damn work thing and all. I try to keep up, however, so I won't be lost when I can actually watch over the weekend. This tournament can't seem to keep controversy at bay lately, but this time no one can blame "those feminists" for it. No, it's the boys keeping things interesting this year, with Tiger being accused of possible illegal play yesterday, and Vijay Singh (who, I should tell you, I really don't like...at all) throwing a little hissy fit today and siccing the officials on Mickelson to see if he was marking up the greens with his spikes. Nice adult, professional way to handle it, Vij.

Then there's the San Jose Stealth, whose final home game of the season I went to tonight (with the best brother in the whole wide world, as it happened), though it was a losing effort. I haven't written about the Stealth much this year for some reason; it may have had to do with the rather uninspiring games and the lack of Spy Girls to ridicule. I really do like lacrosse and I think it's been a great alternative for a hockey-starved San Jose while the Prima Donna Sharks abandon their fans, I just don't have much connection with it outside of the games I attend.

But my beloved San Francisco Giants came through big-time tonight, salvaging a game in which they had blown a six-run lead to stay at .500, which they desperately need to try to do while they're lacking some hitting power. I have no idea when I'm going to get to go to a game this season, but I hope it's soon. At the very least, I should be able to take in a game or two while I'm on sabbatical -- which joyfully gets closer and closer every day -- since it's easier to get good tickets to the weekday games I usually can't attend.

The only disappointment for me on the sporting front at the moment is that the next Formula One race isn't for another two whole weeks. I hate when they have a three-week break between races -- it seems like you just get into the swing of things and really get into the season, then you have to put it on a shelf for nearly a month! If you have any interest, and haven't already either stopped reading or fallen asleep by this point, the next race is San Marino, in Imola, Italy -- a famed and tragic circuit that always provides for a riveting race. I'm hoping that Ferrari can get back on track...literally...and resume its winning ways. And if I can't have that, it would be nice if both cars could, you know, finish a race. It's unbelievable to me to have to say that about Ferrari, but this has been a challenging year thus far. Damn rule changes! They may be for the betterment of the sport overall, but they're playing havoc with things thus far.

Seeing as how there is probably a grand total of three people reading this who might actually share all of these interests, I suppose this is a pretty self-indulgent post. But then, it's my blog, so I imagine there's no better place to be self-indulgent, is there?

I hope you enjoy your weekend, sports-filled or sports-free, whichever you prefer.