April 14, 2005

Random Link Thursday

Oooh, it's back. Can you feel the excitement? I think you can.

Following up on the annoyance thing, here's a link I'm very tempted to use to place a little order so I can let those people who are too inconsiderate or too stupid to park even close to properly know what the rest of us think. Anyone want to go in on a 40-pack with me?

I know that at least a few of the people who stop by are engineers, and if you live around here you can't go ten feet without tripping over at least one, so I thought this blog, Cooking for Engineers, might interest you.

One thing I like: analogies. One thing I don't like: smoking. Put them together and what do you get? This. (Quicktime required.)

I have only one way to describe this site: Internet dating gone horribly, horribly wrong.

From the "It Was Only a Matter of Time" Department: By now you've heard that Britney Spears is pregnant. You may also have heard that she and her husband will be "starring" in a reality show about their life together, which began filiming before they got married...and before they had a deal for a network to air it. That's what I call optimistic! As you may have read (though I doubt many of you did), the show is still untitled. Being on the cutting edge of these things, and having connections that the rest of us can only imagine, TVgasm had a little contest to come up with a title to be submitted to UPN (the lucky network that landed this epic). It's with a touch of pride that I tell you that one of my entries -- "Hitched, Baby, One more time" -- made the top 11. That does not mean that I have any interest in watching the show, mind you.

And, since by the time you read this it will be "Tax Day" here in the U.S., here's a collection of tax-related cartoons to help ease your pain. I really feel the top one on the second page.