March 22, 2006

America's Favorite Pastime - Assaulting the Palate?

Okay, I think it has been well-established over the last two years here (and I can hardly believe that almost that much time has passed...long absences notwithstanding) that I love food. I love food in all its forms: I love restaurants, fast and fine alike, I love cooking, I love food on TV, I love cooking shows on TV, I love talking about food, I love cookbooks and, oh yeah, I really love eating food.

It has also been well-established here that I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (There is proof to that effect, I just don't have time to go find the links. Do a search if you really want to read those posts. Sorry.)

But even I, a self-professed lover of food and Krispy Kreme in particular-- and a person not adverse to trying unusual combinations and preparations of food -- think that this, "Baseball's Best Burger," is just nuts. Who on Earth decided that a big, juicy, beef patty goes with an K.K. original glazed doughnut?!? And not only "goes" but goes so well that it could even be qualified as the "best?"

Your thoughts? Would you even give this one a whirl for the weird factor if you suddenly found yourself in Sauget, Illinois at a Gateway Grizzlies game this season? Apparently the Grizzlies want to know, too, because on their home page, there's a poll to take asking how many times you plan on having this delightful concoction!

Bon App├ętit! Or not.