April 30, 2006

"What do you think of a person who only does the bare minimum?"

Well, if I'm going to manage even the stingy minimum of at least one post a month, I suppose I'd better get off my ass. Let's see, let's see, what's worth talking about?

Last weekend I went to the Stockton Artichoke Festival, after winning some free entrance tickets. Can't say as I ever thought of Stockton as a hotbed of artichoke activity...well, can't really say I ever think about Stockton much at all, actually...and I believe the truth is that it isn't. While I did sample two of the festival's "specialties," asparagus beer, modeled here by my dear brother,

[*sigh* Picture to be inserted as soon as I figure out why I can't get it off the SD card at the moment. Sorry.]

and deep fried asparagus,

[See above, dammit. I'm just not up to re-doing this whole thing tonight on some other topic.]

other than a few other asparagus-themed items, it was just like any other street festival I've ever been to in the past. So unless you're already in the area this time next year, I wouldn't suggest making a special trip. Make a nice side of grilled asparagus on your barbeque at home instead.

Moving on to a completely different subject entirely, I came across an Internet video that really made me laugh. Now, it seems like I see a link to some "you won't believe this!" kind of video just about every day, and usually they're either too dumb, too violent, too long or too something for me to bother watching the whole thing. This video was the exception and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (I suggest watching on a high-speed connection and watching all the way to the end because the typically dumb anchor chat is actually one of the funniest parts.)

To wrap things up, reader