May 31, 2006

Hanging on to precedent by a skinny thread

Damn, where did May go?!? I had all sorts of paving-the-way-to-Hell kinds of intentions about posting over the last two weeks and here I am, squeaking in under the wire with a fairly flimsy effort.

The good news: My confusion over the asparagus/artichoke thing was brought to my attention.
The bad news: I haven't yet rectified the errors.

The good news: I can now view and upload the pictures from the asparagus festival.
The bad news: Duh. Do you see any pictures down there yet? No, I didn't think so.

The good news: I have since also gone to the artichoke festival to compare and contrast.
The bad news: I haven't yet written about it.

The good news: There is, thus far, no word of an aardvark festival.
The better news: I'm out of good and bad news to bore you with here.

Here's hoping June is a more fruitful month! Now, where did I put the info on the strawberry festival...?