December 23, 2007

Next time won't you sing with me?

Thought I'd go for something light, fluffy and brief tonight. Bembo's Zoo is a site I came across this year that really caught my interest (Flash required). It is an animated version of a book that creates animals out of the letters making up its name -- a lion is made up of the letters l-i-o-n -- in Bembo font.

Trust me, it will make more sense if you just check it out. Once you click on the orange "O," the gates swing open and you can visit the denizens of this fantastical zoo. I think the Best Brother in the Whole Wide World will like the "D" selection. I'm partial to the "M" one, with "Q" as a close runner-up.

If you decide to visit the zoo, please don't feed the animals and come back to share your favorites.