January 06, 2008

Buck up, buttercup, you're going to Oz!

So, at long last, all the elements are in place so I can tell you about our big plans. Believe it or not, April and I are going to Australia tomorrow!

She tells the story about how we came to this unexpected adventure, but I want to take a moment to thank Al myself for this amazing opportunity. Unfortunately, his plans fell through and he won't be making the trip with us; I was hoping to thank him personally. I'd also like to thank April for asking me along. Maybe if this goes really well I can talk her into trying out for the Amazing Race with me, since I've been trying and failing for years to get B2W3 to go for it.

We cleared some mighty hurdles to get to this point, but tomorrow we head to LAX to meet up with a planeload of poker players and assorted folks. Twenty-four hours from now we'll be winging our way to Melbourne for a two-week vacation. We've made plans to stay in places with Internet connections, so hopefully we'll be able to provide updates while we're away. But if we can't, just know that we're having a heck of a good time Down Under, where it's summer right now -- a far cry from the wet, gray, winter weather we're currently experiencing here in NorCal.

A few answers to questions in advance: 1. I don't plan to. 2. No, we're not flying on Oceanic Air. 3. Yes, we're going to the zoo so there will be kangaroo sightings. 4. About 17 hours. 5. I certainly hope so!

Wish us Bon Voyage -- I've got to go pack my ruby slippers now to make sure I get back.