January 30, 2008

Rain, I love ya, but please, please go away already

Really, I do like the rain. Many others get down when it's gray and drizzly, especially when it goes on for a few days, and I usually love it. I enjoy the bite to the wind, the anticipation of a crack of thunder (though that happens quite rarely around here), I don't mind getting rained on, and get a kick out of seeing other people's umbrellas get blown inside out.

This happens to remind me of another picture from Australia that I wanted to post, by the way. This picture was taken a second before I caught a streak of lightning out of the corner of my eye and we were treated to a wonderful storm in Sydney.

It's not as impressive as I was hoping for -- Texas April and a picture she posted recently was my inspiration and it fell far, far short -- but it reminds me so much of that moment when I knew we were in for a storm, and how great it was to have the weather cool down so dramatically that day.

Later that day I took what turned out to be my favorite picture of the Sydney Opera House, after the rain had stopped and we were waiting for a ferry, as the light in the sky was turning to dusk and the lights on the building were just winking on:

But I digress. Now, rain has become my electronic nemesis. For some reason, whenever we get a lot of rain, my DSL goes wonky and I have no Internet connection at home. That has been the case for the last few days. Very frustrating, though B2W3 came to my rescue this evening (again) and got me all fixed back up, so the online world is once again my oyster.

I'd planned to do a more in-depth post about the trip on the 26th, since that's Australia Day and it just seemed so appropriate, but the rain put the kibosh on that. Now it's a little late and this is just about all I've got time for tonight.

There's still more time for a couple more cute animal pictures, though! (All were taken at the Mansfield Zoo.)

White kangaroo (which I was mistakenly calling a wallaby because I couldn't look it up online to check)

Grey kangaroo (waiting to see if I was going to put out with some food)

Agile wallaby (I love how his little mouth was open like he was saying "Hey! Get on with it already!")