July 21, 2008

Wanna Be on Top?

Wow. This has been quite a month, blog-wise. A year ago I was still on hiatus, and the time of being nominated for stuff had long passed. But somewhere along the line of getting back into the swing of things this year, I rediscovered my enthusiasm for blogging and it has been fun again. Then along came Five Star Friday and finding and joining the wonderful women over at AllMediocre.

(And, before I forget, please go over there and enter The Great AllMediocre Giveaway of '08. Lots of prizes, lots of great blogs, lots of fun and all for the price of a few comments!)

Now, though I can scarcely believe it myself, I have been added to Alltop, in the Life category. Along with the likes of Schmutzie, Pioneer Woman, Blog Nosh, and I Am Bossy, among others, there's the Ping.

Alltop, the creation of Guy Kawasaki, a well-respected blogger, entrepreneur and internet guru, is an RSS aggregator that Guy envisions as "an online magazine rack" for everyone, updated every ten minutes - "All the top stories covered all the time." In other words, it aims to be the go-to place for people who want to read good stuff but aren't interested in tracking their areas of interest (and there are already more than 125 different topics) via individual RSS feeds; it's all there in a very straightforward format. What's your thing? Politics, golf, crafts, geek stuff, food or tea? All there. What's important in your life? Diabetes, homeschooling, career, nursing, kids or adoption? Also all there, along with other more specialized, more broad and unusual topics.

So, as happy as I am to be included in this company, it means I can't be an AllMediocre member anymore. Sadly, the rules say so, and I'm not about to cross Meghan! It doesn't mean I can't join in all the fun they're having over there, though, especially as there's nothing I like better than a giveaway. So now I'll proudly be "Formerly Mediocre" and might even blaze a new path called "Used to be Alltop but actually Mediocre." Keep my seat warm, ladies, that's all I ask.