September 16, 2008

In Which I Let the Pictures Speak for Themselves

Next up, as promised, is the Persians room. These babies are huge, gravity-defying, awe-inspiring and all sorts of other hyphen-worthy adjectives. The only way I can think of to help you see how big they really are is to point you here to look at the first photo, with people in it for comparison.

David Bourbon - the Persian installations are flamboyant corsages, "commanding attention for both the sheer gorgeousness of their undulating forms and for the spectacular manner in which they spill into the room, [their] ornate edges all but alive with potential movement."

Butterflies aren't particularly Persian, but these make me think of butterflies, for their color, their deceptive fragility and the ribbons of color. Next time, the color palette changes quite a lot and we visit another culture altogether.