September 17, 2008

Taking a Break from Pictures to Kick a Little Ass

So, it's official, my mommy bloggers have lost their ever-lovin' minds. Some of them think they have mad football-picking skillz and that they have a chance against me! Please.

The lovely and wonderful Amy in Ohio and Instamom got inspired and concocted the BFL, our own Blogger Football League. Look! I'm an official member. (After this week, this badge will be moved over to the right, and you can come back and see my MVP Player of the Week award!)


We may have gotten a late start on the season, but what we lack in timeliness we more than make up for in trash talk and enthusiasm. Sundays may never be the same.

Here are my picks, clearly delineated by bold and italics. Let's show them how it's done, shall we?

Arizona @ Washington

Carolina @ Minnesota

Houston @ Tennessee

Miami @ New England

Oakland @ Buffalo

Cincinnati @ NY Giants

Kansas City @ Atlanta

Tampa Bay @ Chicago

St. Louis @ Seattle

Detroit @ San Francisco

New Orleans @ Denver

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

Dallas @ Green Bay

NY Jets @ San Diego
Combined Final Score: 48

If you have a blog and you want in on some of the action, go visit the Commish and her henchman lovely assistant quickly to check out the competition and get everything you need. But be warned, these women are vicious. I've seen them drop a deer at 50 feet with a soiled diaper.