April 15, 2004


Well, the fog seems to be starting to lift from my head -- I can now put together at least three thoughts in a row! It's the little accomplishments that get you through the day. :-)

There was only one "news" item that really caught my attention today and it was this article about my household's favorite sugar-coated indulgence: Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Or "donuts" if you choose to spell it that way. We actually had an extended debate on that topic at work a while back. What can I say, we're a thrilling crowd. Anyway, I digress. I really do love their dough...don...product! And it's funny (to me) because I didn't crave them at all until they became a "thing" here in the Bay Area a few years back when the first store in the area opened and it was an event. Not that I liked them because they were a thing, but I tried them for the first time then. The funny part is that I spent years of my life either living in or frequently visiting Scranton, PA, where I knew of at least two Krispy Kreme shops and I never once stepped foot inside them. Nobody made much fuss about them, certainly no one made special trips there to buy them by the dozens, and the shops looked pretty dingy and old. Just not the place for a non-coffee-drinking college student. And, in restrospect, it's probably for the best because those Freshman Fifteen would have been more like the Freshman Fifty!

When there was only the one store in the Bay Area, it was a big deal for us to make a "Krispy Kreme run," since it took at least an hour to get there and back, not counting however long you had to wait in line, and there were always lines inside and at the drive-through. But I come from a family of people that likes to drive, so that usually didn't stop us! Then a shop opened a little closer to home and once the lines died down there it became a much simpler thing. Now, of course, they sell them in most every Albertsons I know of (and a good thing, too, because their own doughnuts kind of sucked) and a few other grocery stores to boot. It's not quite the same thing as going to the actual KK store in the middle of the night and being handed a free Original Glazed fresh off the line, but if you like 'em, you like 'em no matter where they come from. I've found that if you don't like 'em, though, you really don't like 'em! (Heathens.) That's fine...more for the True Believers among us.

Now, please let the debate begin on whether the Original Glazed, hot, are the ONLY ones worth having. I don't personally subscribe to that (Iced Chocolate Kreme Filled holds that particular honor...yummmm) but I know many feel that way. But please, no flinging of any Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles -- they're hell to get out of the keyboard!