July 16, 2004

Greetings from Sacramento!

I have been MIA for the last two days because I am attending the US Track and Field Olympic Trials in Sacramento, CA, and I didn't take the laptop.  It is (for me) brutally hot here, and I have found refuge in the library on the campus of California State University - Sacramento.  They have kindly let visitors use their computers for Internet access, and I'm taking them up on it.  The fact that it's air-conditioned splendor in here may have something to do with my really taking them up on it!
So far, the most memorable moment was yesterday, when Marion Jones got the lead out and made a spectacular long jump to take first place and secure a trip to Athens (assuming no evidence of illegal doping on her part is found before then) after her disappointing performance last week in the 100m event.  She'll be back over the next few days trying to make it on the 200m team.  The crowd here was very supportive of her last night, and she showed her appreciation of the fans by coming over to the stands and letting people take photos and doing some autographs, before breezing past the press like she was practicing for the 200m.
I should have a few pictures to post when I return, if I haven't died of heatstroke before that time.  Have a great weekend and tune in for a delayed (but not deterred!) episode of kitty blogging on Monday.