July 27, 2004

Norman's Cat Corner - The Final Edition

Squeaky Posted by Hello

Alas, this will be the last edition of this feature here at OPO. The current sponsor has made it known that he does not believe it sufficiently satisfies the target audience (i.e., him) and has withdrawn his already tenuous support.

So while we search for a new sponsor (any interested applicants may e-mail me via the link to the right or contact me in the comments -- the George Forman Kitty Fryer division, its employee(s), assigns or agents are not welcome, however), please say hi again to Squeaky, in this early picture of her as a kitten.

Squeaks is an indoor/outdoor cat and there's almost nothing she likes more than getting up on a handy perch outside and looking down on the world -- as cats are wont to do -- while waiting for a bird to come along that she can stalk.  The only thing she surely enjoys even better is sticking her head through the metal slats of her mom's mini-blinds and irreparably bending them to suit her indoor bird-watching needs.

If that face doesn't make you want to run right out and get yourself a cat, I think there might be something wrong with you.  (Or, giving one the benefit of the doubt, you're allergic.)

On an entirely different note, there is a very good reason why both this particular post is so late and why posting in general has been pretty spotty lately.  This was all explained in the post from Friday that got vamoosed by Blogger, and I really was too tired to even try to get to it again before now.

I am going to be moving next month and I'm very involved in preparing the house that will be our new home.  It's a long and somewhat complicated story but I'm really happy about it.  There has been so much to do and it has taken so much time and energy, but it's also a lot of fun.   In the midst of painting my third ceiling, I found myself wishing that was the kind of thing I did for a living instead of sitting in a cube in front of a computer all day.  However, the end of the day usually finds me and everyone else in the house completely used up like a crumpled paper towel.  When I woke up on Saturday, everything ached except maybe my teeth...and there were still two days of painting to go! 

We got it all done before the guys arrived to start on the flooring, so we're that much closer to having it ready, and that's a pretty satisfying feeling. But it hasn't left a lot of time for much else, including blogging and answering e-mail.  Unfortunately, even though the house is close to done, my Internet access outside of work is going to be limited until the middle of next month.  DSL is truly a wonderful thing, but getting it installed and up & running isn't; it's going to take two weeks to transfer it to our new address, which will make blogging somewhat tough during that time.  And because as I was reminded again today, I can't post pictures from work (I think our firewall prevents me from using Hello properly), there won't be much of that to look forward to! 

I will try to post as much as on my usual schedule as possible, but things are still going to be spotty, and I hope that some of you will still stop by from time to time. :-)