July 05, 2004

Mint, NIB, One-of-a-Kind Post w/Free Shipping!

I am garage-saled out. But it's over and it was actually pretty worthwhile. Long, with periods of extreme boredom, but worthwhile. Although the suggestion was made that I list some of the items here that we had for sale, I decided that I couldn't do that for security reasons -- it could put my terribly lucrative eBay operation in jeopardy. It turns out that my garage contains about half the contents of all of eBay and listing any of them here could cause a cataclysmic meltdown of both Google and eBay, resulting in thousands of my fellow Silicon Valleyites losing their jobs, which would harm the local economy and put even more people out of work, which would have fewer people on the road each day...which would make my commute easier...hey!

Nevermind, I think being out in the heat so much over the last few days has fried my faculties. So I'll leave you with the following:

Gardens have roses,
Ponds have ducks,
Tomorrow's back to work
And that really sucks.

Check, please.