February 21, 2005

Morose Monday

It seemed as though there was nothing but bad news today. Not that I had time to read much of it during the day, but the headlines were pretty sobering whenever I looked.

Honestly, when I first scanned the headlines in the morning, I had to stop and consider whether it was some cruel April Fool's Day or something. (I'm not at my sharpest first thing in the morning, okay?)

Sandra Dee died.
John Raitt died.
Killer mudslides in Southern California.
Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide.
Killer bird flu for humans could be on the way.
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and his wife are separating.
Killer avalanches in India.
Personal data security breach bigger than first thought.
Killer ferry disaster in Bangladesh.
Poor Paris Hilton's address book was hacked and spread around the Web.

And then, just as I'm getting ready to start my post tonight:
Killer earthquake in Iran.

Wow. Welcome to Morose Monday.

The one bright spot in the "news" today? Peri is, in fact, the official Espresso Sarcasm Mascot! If you have a chance, be sure to go over and share your joy at this news with Norman.

I can't speak for him, but I can sincerely say that this is a dream come true for me.