February 17, 2005

Send Your Love

Those of you who have been coming here for any length of time will no doubt recognize this face:

For any of you who are a bit newer, alllow me to introduce my family's cat, Peri. She doesn't live with me (she lives with my mom), so I don't get to see her every day and, honestly, the sight of that little face makes me melt every time I see this shot.

She is our first cat, and the memories of those early days when every new thing she did was a delight and you had a bunch of adults falling over themselves to please a handful of fur are very happy ones. This picture brings that back for me the best.

So, why am I mentioning all this? Well, the delightful Michele has taken over as guest blogger at Norman's this week and, being a woman after my own heart, she has infused that bastion of anti-cat, anti-cute sentiment with a welcome sunbeam of sweetness.

She has created The Softer Side of Espresso Sarcarsm, where readers have submitted the cutest cat pictures they could find. I have submitted this picture of Peri, as well as one of Squeaky and another cat doing the cute thing. On that site, there's a contest going on, but not just any contest.

Yes, folks, starting now and going until midnight (ET) on Friday, you can help me win a highly coveted Nubbie award; an honor that is a one-of-a-kind, certainly never-to-be-repeated...EVER opportunity. Not only that, but the winning cat will become Norman's Mascot Kitty! I get a little weak just thinking about it...the same way I'm sure Norman does, but for completely different reasons.

So please share a little love for my favorite fuzz-face and go here to leave a comment under the entry with Peri's picture above. I suggest "Peri sent me," but you're free to go your own way. The cat with the most comments by the cutoff time wins. Michele has decreed "Vote early and often... " so get over there as much as you can and make it happen!