April 25, 2005

A Day In My Terribly Exciting Life

Dear Diary,

Today at work, [insert, you know, non-confidential work-type information]. It was a beautiful spring day outside, though, and I really wished I were out and about instead.

I went to Wendy's for lunch now that the whole finger thing has been declared a hoax and people in the area are making a real effort to go back to them and show our support. (I actually had not stopped going there because of it, I just hadn't had occasion to eat there until recently. I did go the day after the initial news broke, though...it's not like I ever ate their chili anyway.) One jerk ahead of me in line actually made a comment about "Fingergate" being over. Please. But the woman behind him was genuinely distressed to hear that they had run out of chili.

When finally sprung from work -- a mere nine working days away from my glorious sabbatical! -- I went to the shop to pick up my car before going out to enjoy a nice little Italian dinner with my mom. She had a hankerin' for spaghetts and I'm just the kind of daughter to indulge her...don't want to freeze her out or anything.

I did a few errands after dinner before coming home to enjoy some TV. Aside from watching one of the only decent shows on Mondays, Medium, I caught up on the Formula One race from yesterday that I hadn't been able to finish watching. What a great race and a thrilling finish; I thought "my team" had a chance to steal a victory, but it's nice that we were able to get on the podium at all, after the way the season has gone thus far.

While watching TV I decided to play at being an adult and I actually matched my socks out of the dryer! Usually I just toss them all in the drawer and enjoy "the thrill of the hunt" in the mornings. But then I ate some ice cream out of the carton (Marsha Marsha Marshmallow) and shot that illusion all to hell.

I had better get to bed now -- tomorrow is going to be a big day! I don't want to spoil it but here's a hint: my eyes may glaze over.