April 13, 2005

How annoying

It was pointed out to me this evening that I find a lot of things and people annoying.

My first reaction was, "No shit, Sherlock." But I didn't think Mom would appreciate my saying that to her right then.

I'd had a day filled with annoying things: people on the way to work were driving like unbelievable idiots, pulling stunts right and left; [insert work things that I am not including because blogging about work is unwise]; someone annoyed me on the phone and gave me a headache; people on the road after work were apparently Sunday drivers who had been let out too early and couldn't quite remember that the gas is the one on the right; a woman where we were eating was going on and on about something in a very loud manner that grated on my nerves; [insert experience that prompted Mom to comment (it was personal to her) that involved someone who had a repetitive habit that drove me bonkers and I had no choice but to endure it]; and evening TV (which didn't include Lost because it was a repeat, which is annoying unto itself) featured a commercial...like every other night...that I refuse to watch anymore -- the most recent AOL anti-spam one, I'm sure you've seen it -- so I immediately changed the channel with a growl. And these are just the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Each one of these events caused me to comment on their annoyingness. That is how I deal with them. I comment on it, swear if I deem it necessary, and let it go. Because I am, otherwise, someone who tends to hold on to things and let the annoyance build -- I believe this may be known as "internalizing" them -- to a point where it makes me unhappy. So I gripe. I figure it's better than obsessing on them. The frequency of said griping can vary, and I am well aware that not everyone sees the benefit in it. Obviously, those people are not bothered by the same things I am, or they handle it differently.

Do you get annoyed easily? How do you deal with it?