March 25, 2008

Case. In. Point.

Is this wreckage left behind by giant carpenter ants? The unfortunate result of a diaper-less toddler run amok? A Tibetan sand my living room?

None of the above. This is the work of my beloved cat and should be titled "Finn vs. the Flaxseed."

Yesterday, he discovered a bag of flaxseed I'd left in the hallway and he dragged it more than 20 feet to the middle of the living area. He then apparently took it to task, ripping a nice hole in it before shaking it vigorously to make sure he'd conquered it. But I guess it didn't make a tasty treat because it didn't look like he consumed any and never disturbed his "work" for the rest of the day.

It's almost like Finn wanted to prove that he's as much of a troublemaker as I alluded to in my last post. I'm such a lucky girl...with, thankfully, a good vacuum!