March 07, 2008

Mo Site: Candy Blog

One of my goals in coming back from my hiatus was to get back to what I'd originally intended this blog to be: a place to share the various sites, stories and other items I come across online, in lieu of emailing them to my friends and family...sometimes to their disinterest or annoyance or inattention due to just general busyness. Granted, the blog may garner those same reactions, but at least it amuses me more than sending emails off into the vast, silent cavern of the Internet.

I haven't done as much of it as I'd planned, though the list of Mo Sites off there to the right has grown a bit to include those I've talked about since I started up again. My hope is to have it serve as an index for the sites I find and feature here; the ones that I find myself visiting often and telling people about...or trying to tell people about when I can get them to pay attention long enough!

So let's get down to it, shall we?

With Easter just down the bunny trail, this is pretty timely. Candy Blog is the place to go to get a review of new and interesting chocolate and other candies from all over the world. Cybele (who I think of as The Candymeister) covers a huge variety of candy, from what can be found in the dollar store to what's found in the high-end, designer shops. She takes the most compelling pictures of the goodies and has a very concise and consistent way of reviewing them, from where they can be found to how much they cost, with a rating system and links to other related reviews.

I have discovered quite a few new, delicious favorites (chief among them, Sweetriot nibs) since I've been reading her blog and I can't get enough of it. I stop by frequently and find myself looking for new items on store shelves in anticipation of her take on them. Our tastes aren't entirely on par (she adores licorice and I can't abide it) but they're similar enough in other ways (neither of us likes cherry-flavored items much) to make me look forward to the next review.

This was Egg Week, where she reviewed all sorts of chocolate eggs that are out now for the Easter season. Last week was Hollow Chocolate Rabbit Week, replete with bitten-off ears! So if you're looking for something tasty for that special someone's basket this year, go check it out.