March 04, 2008

Goals are a good thing

As a sports fan, I have a wish list of things I'd like to do, places I'd like to go and events I'd like to attend. It's not quite a "Bucket List" but is more a less a running tally of "Some day I'm going to go there" kind of things.
Some are pretty standard and some are in pipe-dream territory. I've been fortunate enough to do quite a few of the top-of-list ones over the years: the US Open (golf), the US Open (tennis), opening day for the SF Giants, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the Australia Open, the last Giants game at Candlestick Park, a US Figure Skating Championship, a SF 49ers Monday Night game, and seeing a game from a luxury suite at AT&T Park.
Last night I got to tick another one off the list: see a Sharks game from a luxury suite. As April will tell you, I like hockey well enough but I'm not a huge fan. We've gone to a number of games and so far I've managed to: a) not fall asleep; b) not embarrass either one of us; and c) learn enough of the rules to keep up. But what I'd spend the most time thinking about during the less-fascinating games and long intermissions was "I really want to get up in one of those suites."
It was a very good game, the Sharks won and watching from the suite was pretty much exactly what I'd hoped it would be. The food could have been better, but it was plentiful and gratis, so I can't complain. The only thing that could have made it a 100% great experience was if I could have brought someone with me. It was a work-related opportunity, however, and sometimes you don't have a lot of latitude with that kind of thing.
So, the next goal for Maura the Spectator? A Formula 1 race!