July 18, 2005


There are three entities responsible for the lack of a "real" post tonight:

1. Target
2. TiVo
3. GSN

Target - Man, do I love that store. I go in there and it's like a theme park for a thrill-shopper. By that I mean there was very little I actually needed, but I spent waaaay too much time in there anyway, walking around, checking things out, comparing prices and picking up nifty little things to buy. Like the really cool "silicone-coated lightbulb" that is now illuminating my room in a slightly eerie purple glow. Necessary? No, but it's the first time silicone has ever made me smile.

TiVo - Oh, I've gone on about this before so I won't elaborate, but there were so many goodies on it dying for me to watch them, and I couldn't say no. Case in point? See #3.

GSN - It's really all their fault. They've started showing The Amazing Race from season one, which I missed completely the first time around, and they have a "new" episode on every night. That makes for a bit of backlog with a one-hour show. And they're going to show all seven seasons. I guess that could count as a warning. Maybe I need a TiVo with a bigger hard drive...

Anyway, since I actually did have something to write about tonight, maybe tomorrow night's post will spill from my fingers like a waterfall of wonderment. Yeah, right.