July 15, 2005

Not Afraid

Do you remember Sorry Everybody, the site that caused a post-election stir with members of the "other" half of America apologizing for Bush's re-election? I know I felt a lot better knowing that many, many other people felt the same way I did and I checked out a lot of the submissions.

Well, inspired by that, post-7/7 we now have We're Not Afraid. It's a similar collection of message-laden photos and images, letting the world know that we are not afraid of terrorist attacks. Some are a little silly, some are cute, some are simple but effective, some are sweet, and some are inspirational.

This one I find particularly compelling. It doesn't tell you on the site, but the guy in it survived one of the subway attacks.

Will it change anything? No, likely not. But if it makes people feel better to express themselves in reaction to something so devastating, I say go for it. I'm a big believer in not letting fear rule you as a result of these kinds of attacks. I was supposed to get on a plane a handful of days after 9/11 and if they had let any flights leave by that time, I would have. I truly believe that our fear gives "them" the power, and I'm not willing to contribute to that.

To the right you'll see (hopefully!) a button they have available, which I have linked to the site. It will move down to the Bloggy Misc. area in a few days, in case you want to visit in the future. And if anyone has, or decides to, submit a picture, please let us know where in the gallery it ends up.