July 20, 2005

Ticket for one on the road to Hell

Boy, best-laid plans and good intentions and all that, and no post after all. Not that anyone really seemed to notice. (Aside to those of you contemplating a blog hiatus: Be careful what you wish for.)

Yesterday I got home from work to find in the snail mail that I had won tickets to an advance screening of "The Bad News Bears." If you know me, you know that if there's something to be won, I'm a'gonna be entering. So yippee, yay, I won and all that, but the screening was last night. Advance screening? Yes. Advance notice? No.

There went the plans for the evening, because I did want to see the movie and see how well they did re-making it, as it is one I remember with a great deal of fondness from my youth. And, hey, it was free. No one else was available to go with, so off I raced back along the way I'd gone home, as the theater it was at is about five minutes away from work. Grrr.

Then, because I hadn't had enough sports for the evening, I went to cheer the softball team The Best Brother in the Whole Wide World plays on for their 10:10 game. That's right, the geniuses behind the scheduling have games that start after 10pm during the workweek. I would respectfully submit that they might want to re-think that, especially if the performance of their ump was anything to go by. But I digress.

By the time I got home, it was already what many of you (Rita) would consider late. But there was reality TV to watch and I really wanted to see what had happened on two shows in particular.

So, yes, I guess the upshot is that I stood you up for crap TV. I suppose I should feel bad about that, and maybe my fatigue during the day wasn't punishment enough, but damn, I did enjoy the entire evening.

Would now be a bad time to mention that I have also started watching "Rock Star: INXS," which is on three times a week? (My punishment for that is having "New Sensation" running on a continuous loop in my head whenever I'm not actively thinking about something. You try hearing "Live, baby, live/Now that the day is over" as sung by someone who ended up killing himself and see how much you like it after the first few dozen times.) Not all of the music is to my liking, but I'm hooked. (Aside to Mark Burnett: If you decide to do a reality show along the lines of "Paralegal by day, Blogger by night," please look me up. You make just about anything interesting.)