September 16, 2005

Not a good start to a Friday


Blind panic.

Blink at the clock in disbelief.

I'm supposed to be to work in 3 minutes.

I'm rooted to the spot on the edge of the bed as this reality sinks in.

Work is a minimum of 20 minutes away if I were ready.

I'm not.

I'm, a...well, advanced state of dishabille.

I've got a kitten to see to.

I've got bagels to buy to bring in with me.

I'm screwed.

Grab the phone and start calling in.

No one answers.

Look at laptop for reasons unknown.

Blink at the screen in disbelief.

Boundless relief.


Note to self: Buy a new alarm clock immediately, one on which the time cannot be changed by the slip of a hand reaching out with your eyes closed.