January 23, 2009

Grace In Small Things, 2/365-ish

I can tell you one thing about doing this project: It's going to be HARD. It's hard to sit here and try to think of things that make me feel good, that aren't too personal to share, don't sound too incredibly stupid (meaning I can actually come up with a way to articulate them), aren't things I've read on someone else's list...you get the idea.

I'm hopeful that it will get easier in time. In other words, that I'll get the "GIST" of it all.

1. The flip of a spatula yielding a perfectly formed, perfectly browned pancake.

2. The feel of really fine silk resting against your skin.

3. The loveliest shade of purple in a shirt that fits you just right.

4. The scent of Earl Grey tea rising from my mug.

5. A slice of luscious pie in the lightest, flakiest of crusts.