January 26, 2009

I Don't Think This Is Really Going To Count

I don't know if I can really consider this to be a Grace In Small Things post, but this is the best it's going to get. I'm not sure what I ate, but I'm fairly certain that I just experienced the worst bout of food poisoning I've ever had.

The time my mother gave me food poisoning from canning her own strawberry jam was actually more memorable, but it wasn't as bad as this. 'Cause that happens to everyone at least once, right?

Anyway, I'm going to spare you any details and you can read between the lines as much or as little as you want. And because this is all my day has been about - in between trying to figure out what the hell I ate that caused all this - it's going to have to count as my entry for today.


1. I'm not throwing up anymore.

2. I'm not stuck in the bathroom anymore.

3. The pie I ate yesterday will not be going straight to my hips.

4. Being in my room for hours on end (between trips to the bathroom) has enabled me to get caught up on a lot of TV on my DVR.

5. Sleep, when it finally comes, after a long, rough night, is the sleep of angels.