May 06, 2004

A Clean Toilet is a Happy Toilet!

This article just cracked me up. Anybody want one of these for major US or European cities you visit? I'm sure it's terribly bleeding-heart liberal Democrat of me to have the thought that starting a program to create something like that could be a good job-creating proposition for people without jobs living in those cities. Not to mention providing something amazing for tourists in places like San Francisco, where finding a bathroom you can use is as hard as finding a parking space that won't either blow your budget or end up in a ticket. Since it'll never happen here, I'll settle for simply getting people to actually turn the hell around in public restrooms and make sure that the damned toilet has actually flushed! With these low-flow toilets, one little push on the handle doesn't get the job done and people are too lazyor too dense, apparently, to take a second to make sure they're not leaving a mess for the next person. It drives me nuts on a daily basis.