May 27, 2004

Gone to the Ducks

All of a sudden, it's art week here at One Ping Only! Well, art half-week at least...or art days if I can't find anything for tomorrow. But I digress.

Here is "The Duckomenta" for your viewing and exploring pleasure. Knowledge of German is not required to enjoy it -- just know that "Raum" means "Room" and you're good to go. (If you do understand German, though, and there's anything about the site you can share, I'd be grateful.)

I personally would not start at Room 1, because it's not actually the best one and you won't really see the whimsy of it from the start. I happened to start at Room 5 and it fell into place more quickly.

My favorite is a toss-up between the Degas and the Da Vinci. This makes the art appreciation class I took back in college pale in comparison! Though if I'd paid better attention I might recognize more of those works.

Bon Art!