March 16, 2005

Late-night musings

Boy, do I wish I had something of interest to say right now.

I could tell you how annoying I'm finding David Letterman tonight. His first guest is Amanda Peet and, while I think she's a decent enough actress, she is not the amazing talent he is making her out to be. If he wanted her number or a date, he should have just asked -- ten minutes of his fawning was just nauseating.

But I imagine that 99% of you aren't up this late so you can't really appreciate what an ass he is making of himself. And that's coming from someone who likes him and was a major fan of his back in college and a number of years following that.

I could tell you how much I am enjoying the show after Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, these days. He's the guy who took over when Craig Kilborn left, and who used to play Mr. Wick on The Drew Carey Show. It was quite a surprise the first time I saw him on this show and realized that he's Scottish, not British, and has an accent, to be honest, makes my knees go a little watery.

It runs too late even for me, though, so I have to TiVo it and see the second half later. But I'm seeing enough to affect my dreams, since it's the last thing I hear before falling asleep.

Last week they showed an interview with Minnie Driver, who I happen to really enjoy as an actress, and that night I had a terrifically vivid dream wherein she and I were the best of friends tangled up in some sort of drama that involved tears and intrigue.

A few nights later Samuel L. Jackson was the first guest and he was quite entertaining. That night he appeared in an even more vivid dream with even more intrigue and a whole lot more, um, interpersonal relations. (A surprisingly great kisser, in case you were wondering.)

Then, last night Drew Carey was the first guest. Thankfully I did not have a vivid dream about him. No, I skipped to the head of the line and my dream starred Craig Ferguson himself. Don't really remember what the "plot" was but I can tell you that he's a great...guy.

But you don't really want to hear all about any of that, do you? Nah, didn't think so.