April 03, 2004

A Cheesy Personality?

I've been taking the weekends off from blogging lately -- lots of things going on and I tend to surf too much in order to look for interesting things to post about when I have more time. Not good for the wrist. But I just found this cute, brief, well-done quiz that I enjoyed taking so I thought I'd share.

It turns out that I am one of my favorite cheeses, Brie! It says, "You are a cheese with a complex flavor. Your moods are affected by your current environments. You are sophisticated and mature but sometimes a little superstitious." I think I would have to agree with most of that, with a little less emphasis on the superstitious part as I have few superstitions. Anyway, it gave a lot of info about Brie that I didn't know before, and it lists at the bottom what the other results are and you can click on them to read more. Nice to see a nice little non-Quizilla quiz for a change. Go grab a good bottle of wine (or whine, if you're so inclined) and take a cheesy quiz.