April 06, 2004

My New Heroes

With thanks to Ernie at Little.Yellow.Different, I have gained two new heroes today. CarpoolCheaters.com is now officially my favorite Web site. If you don't live and drive in the Bay Area (or a similar metropolitan area with heavy traffic and HOV lanes), you may not appreciate the valiant effort put forth by this site. Traffic and parking space cheaters are like the plague here. Read the article on the site and the guys who run it, then check out the Carpool Cheater Poster Boy featured in the article.

Seeing red on a near-daily basis at some of the antics and sheer stupidity of people in their cars (as will be amply demonstrated in Hope Springs A Leak), my appreciation for their endeavor knows no bounds. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I have never given money to a Web site to help support it, as deserving as I know in my heart that many of them are. It's just not in my nature. But these guys will be getting a donation and my endless admiration.

If you live around here, please consider sending the URL to like-minded people that you know. As it states in the article, "The hope ...is that some diamond-lane outlaws might recognize themselves on their site and say: Oh, I'm busted! I won't do that again.''' It would make my cynical heart proud to further the cause. :-)