April 24, 2004

A side of horseradish with your slice of gluttony?

Another rare weekend post! The blogosphere trembles. I saw this article and it cracked me up, so I thought I'd take a minute out from watching the Formula One qualifying I taped earlier to share it. Twelve slices of hand-carved roast beef at an $8.99 buffet? And you have the nerve to be upset when they ask you not to have more? I find the whole Atkins concept ridiculous to begin with (as I do with any "all-or-nothing" fad diets, it's not just this one), but for crying out loud -- because you decide to gorge yourself on beef you're being "discriminated against" when a business stops you from taking advantage of their service?? I think anyone who has experienced true discrimination could justifiably be outraged by that. If you were very obese (as you well could be when you've finished playing with your body's chemistry thusly) and they refused you service on that basis, yes, you could claim discrimination. But this? Take your beef elsewhere, folks!