April 21, 2004

Have I been turned in??

I'm wondering if my anti-Bush feelings (which are, of course, "unpatriotic" because if you're not with them, you're against them...) have gotten me in hot water. All my links on the right side and my archives seem to have disappeared, no matter what I do.

I'm thinking it's just the first step in Big Brother making my life difficult for my heretical thinking, seeking to silence a voice that can actually articulate her thoughts on how freaking disastrous having Bushy in office has been for our country, can spell them correctly and knows that "nuclear" isn't pronounced "nuke-yew-lar," unlike our Fearless Leader on Terra (that's "terror" for the rest of us).

That or I just can't see that side of the blog on my work computer all of a sudden. Corporate Big Brother knowing I was going to goof off for five minutes while I checked a few blogs? Considering some of the stories I hear from IT guys about the kinds of things people are dumb enough to view and/or store on their work computers and subsequently get fired for, I'd think blog surfing was pretty darned minor. Of course, there is the list of "nighttime viewing" blogs and the list of "daytime/worksafe" blogs that one must be careful never to mix up...like I did just before I started this post. I stopped it from loading before I got the dreaded "Forbidden" page, but there was that moment of tara...terra... extreme fear when I realized that I had clicked on the link below the one I actually wanted. The worst is when you click on something from the results when using a search engine that you don't realize is going to come up as "Forbidden" because your search had nothing to do with anything related to sex, gambling, hate or any of the other things they keep behind the firewall. I always have this image of some geek tucked away in the basement (though I don't think our building has one) rubbing his hands together and muttering, "Ah-ha...got her...knew she was up to no good...this is going on her permanent record..." whenever my inadvertent indiscretions set off alarms and pop up on the mega-monitor he's hunched over 22 hours a day. (Gotta have time to eat and catch "Call for Help" on TechTV, ya know.)

Vivid imagination aside, if you in fact can see the links to the right, would you be so kind as to let me know via the comments? Before they come scan my badge to see if the hidden GPS tracker chip has any juicy details on it...