June 10, 2005

Less than picture perfect

Well, I don't know what to tell you all about the picture. It's there, one has been there each day since I got back from Yellowstone, and I can't understand why it's there sometimes for some people and not there other days, or not there at all, or there every time. I use Mozilla Firefox and it's up there where it's supposed to be each time I refresh the page; when I check it in IE, it's there but the formatting isn't quite right.

Not being a computer geek, that's as much as I can tell you. If the spirit moves me, I'll check out Flickr (unless someone has a suggestion for something better) -- in the meantime, all I can suggest is checking browser settings and/or Firefox.

In other news, I've got my next (and final) trip of my sabbatical planned at long last: my mom and I are heading for the Grand Canyon! I've never been to the South Rim, and she's never been there at all, so after a brief but luxurious stop back in Las Vegas -- staying at the gorgeous, new, $2 billion Wynn hotel -- we'll be off to bump along in traffic in the park with all the other tourists. As excited as I am for the trip itself, I think I'm equally as relieved that we finally just picked somewhere to go...it was not an easy process. I'll be away for this one the week of the 20th. If anyone has any "must see" locales or "must eat" restaurants in the South Rim area, please share them in the comments.