June 26, 2005

The Scream...in stone

I'm hoping that this fixes the picture problem!

Much to my delight, Blogger has finally added a picture function directly into our posts, so (if it works) no more futzing with Hello or the Yahoo! site I've been using these past two months with limited success.

For the moment, I'm going to leave up the picture that has been there for the last little while, as a comparison. It would be great if those of you who continue to not be able to see the one that should be over to the right of this post (which, as cbeck pointed out, may be at the bottom of the page instead) would let me know if you can see the picture that should now be directly to the left of this text. It would be equally wonderful if those of you who have had little or no trouble seeing the pictures on the right would let me know if the size of this one is better versus the other, or any other feedback. (I can change the size if needed.)

I just realized that this will also take care of the problem of people not realizing there's a new picture up, because there will now be a post the accompanies it. I expect to hear rapturous words of praise here, people!

Oh, and about the picture. This is a close-up of a portion of the Mound Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs, in Yellowstone, that reminded me of the painting The Scream.