March 27, 2008


- On my drive home tonight, I saw two cars in traffic with the license plates IBM GUY and INTL LADY. You wouldn't guess that I live in Silicon Valley, would you?

- There's nothing quite as odd as your mother telling you, apropos of nothing, "They got rid of Chikezie last night."

- You can make a damn fine frittata out of a bunch of leftovers. Correction: I can make a damn fine frittata out of a bunch of leftovers!

- I started as new book today, the second in a relatively new series from an author I enjoy, Victoria Laurie. I've read all of the books in her Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, series. I like her style and they're entertaining. If you're not into psychic "mumbo jumbo," you probably wouldn't go for her work. If you're a fan of the show Medium, though, you probably would.

- Speaking of books, I'm anxiously waiting for my Kindle to arrive. I've pretty much stopped buying paper books in anticipation of downloading them wirelessly.

- Yahoo! has really improved its search functionality with the addition of Search Assist. I find myself using it more and Google somewhat less recently.