January 19, 2005

Be good, Jonathan, and you can have your coke back when we leave the studio

Not having a great deal else to share with you today, I thought I'd do a little follow-up to yesterday's magnificent elimination of Jonathan and Victoria.

I don't watch the morning TV news/entertainment shows much. For the most part, they just don't interest me and mornings are not a relaxed, coffee-in-hand, saunter-through-the-family-room, watch-the-talking-heads exercise in my world.

On those rare occasions when I do watch, it's usually Today simply because that's what I grew up with on the TV in the mornings so it's familiar. I've never watched The Early Show, even though they're the only show that seems to get all the contestants from the reality shows I watch. But Team Spousal Abuse made me take the time to set the TiVo for their post-race interview today because I just had to know what kind of crap Jonathan was going to come up with in defense of his disgusting behavior.

To my astonishment, he had very little to say. He did manage to get a few things in at the start, such as the fact that he thinks he is "a better person than that" one we saw on the show, and that he really doesn't "know who that person is." I'll give him the minimum amount of credit for also stating, "I don't have any excuses; it was wrong," when confronted with The Shove. In terms of "why," the most he said was, "I turned off all compassion to everything," because he was caught up in the competition.

But that was about it. Victoria, who was all smiles, did most of the talking! After a certain point, when most of his worst deeds had been replayed and rehashed, Jonathan got very subdued, seemed pained by the discussion, and almost looked as though he was sedated. (Which, frankly, would not surprise me a great deal.) Victoria was really in the driver's seat, but she peppers her speech with so many "likes" and "you knows" that there was not a lot that was quote-worthy.

She did say, "I was really out of my tree at that point," when she cut her finger because she was hungry and exhausted and panicked and needed to go to the bathroom, etc., etc. Honey, we have no trouble believing that you were, in fact, out of your tree. Plus, she claimed that she told Jonathan to keep going on the mud hut once she calmed down a bit and Kendra started screaming at Jonathan, but that they didn't show it. Those evil CBS bastards! It's all their fault, not Jonathan's, not Victoria's!

OK, I'll say it: Bullshit. I don't care what she said, a decent person responds to their mate in pain.

Reinforcing their point as the interview wound down:
Victoria - "Believe it or not, there was (sic) many moments we had a good time..."
Jonathan - "...and they didn't show it."

Neither Harry Smith nor I were terribly impressed.

P.S. If you follow this show and aren't reading the recaps on TVgasm, too, you're really missing out. You even get video clips, which I'll figure out in maybe five years or so.