January 26, 2005

Clarification, thanks, and odds 'n ends

Hi everyone, and many thanks for all your well wishes and congratulations on OPO's anniversary. And a hearty welcome to those of you stopping by for Michele's scavenger hunt!

I'm way behind in catching up on everyone's blogs, because I finally remembered that I only have a certain amount of dial-up time on my current AOL plan, and I blew through that a few days in just by keeping up here. It's good to be back...though only for connectivity reasons since I was really enjoying myself and it will be hard to go back to work tomorrow.

True to my word, I never saw a sunrise in Tahoe. Didn't really see the sun a lot at all, actually, since it was really, really foggy much of the time. Luckily, I like fog, and it didn't keep me from snowshoeing as planned. (Yes, that what those things on my feet were, and yes, they do come off, though you walk around for a while afterwards feeling like they're still on.) Oh, and I encountered something called "freezing fog," which I'd never heard of before, let alone seen. Here's some evidence of what it does to the scenery:

Now for the clarification part. About the contest, I didn't want to get too detailed in describing what the entries should entail, because I wanted to leave it to your imagination. But I don't think it got across that it does not have to be an idea for a show that could ever actually be on TV. And you certainly don't have to be a fan of reality TV to come up with an entry -- I happen to think that someone who doesn't like them...at all...yes, Norman, that means you...could come up with a fantastic parody (or savagery, as the case may be) of one, which would be completely cool within the realm of this contest.

Want the losers to be thrown in shark-filled waters? Okay by me! Want it to take place inside a maximum security prison? Go for it...but please leave out any "shower scenes" because I still want Rita to talk to me, okay? Time and place are no boundaries here (yes, Liberty Bob, that means you), no holds barred. In fact, let's make it unreality shows if you'd prefer.

I hope that gets the creative juices flowing, people. There's still lots of time, so I hope to hear from more of you with entries. If there are questions, you know where the comments are.

Oh, and Norman? I'm not obsessed with reality shows, honest. I'm actually pretty selective in the ones I watch. I just thought it would be an interesting jumping off point for people since everyone seems to have an opinion -- usually a strong one -- about 'em!